GRAPECARE LTD is a manpower agency licensed by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs to mediate employment for EU and non-EU citizens to the Czech Republic. 
GRAPECARE LTD has long been active in the Filipino market and hires local women and men to perform Caregiver work in the Czech Republic.
There is a great demand of the Filipino Caregivers. They seem as if they were made to care for the elderly.

Why Caregivers from the Philippines

  • patience in communicating with elderly 
  • understanding and concern for the seniors' comfort and health
  • friendliness, they dot hurry and are fully devoted to the person
  • practical experience and vocational training

For households

  • can live at the senior‘s home, provide care all day and night
  • there is just one person to which the senior in the household are not different people
  • prepares and feeds, cleanses, ironises, purchases, arranges a walk
  • will help with hygiene
  • speaks English but is willing to learn Czech
  • takes care of clients with Alzheimer's or Parkinson's disease
  • has been working for a long time in one household
  • we will handle all work permits and visas for employees

For senior and Alzheimer's centers

  • we will ensure a greater number of carers from the Philippines
  • workers with professional education, health care
  • experience from families, hospitals and home for seniors from abroad
  • we will prepare a detailed profile and video document for each candidate
  • we will secure an employee card for the Czech Republic for 2 years and its extension
  • we offer wage and immigration services for your entire job

Mediation time

  • 3-6 months