Hotel and spa staff

GRAPECARE LTD is a manpower agency licensed by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs to mediate employment for EU and non-EU citizens to the Czech Republic. 
GRAPECARE LTD has long been active in the Filipino market and hires local women and men to work restaurants, wellness, massage and health centres in the Czech Republic.
There is a great demand of the Filipino workers in the service sector for their pleasant behaviour, willingness and happiness to work.

For your hotel, restaurant, massage salon or wellness staff, we are able to search for the following professions

  • massage therapist
  • manicurist, pedicurist
  • beautician
  • waiter, waitress, bartender
  • principal and auxiliary chefs
  • confectioner
  • receptionist
  • housekeeper
  • cleaner
  • laundry and ironing staff

Country of origin

  • Philippines, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Belarus, Moldova

We can provide

  • work profile and photographic documentation of each worker
  • the possibility of video documentation of performed massages by the massage therapists
  • visa and work permit to the Czech Republic (employee card) valid for 2 years
  • extension of the employee card
  • payroll and immigration service in the Czech Republic

Mediation time

  • 3-6 months

Contact us and we will be happy to process your personal price offer.