Foreign workers

GRAPECARE LTD is a manpower agency licensed by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs to mediate employment for EU and non-EU citizens to the Czech Republic. 

GRAPECARE LTD provides employees that are lacked on the Czech labour market. There are thousands of qualified job applicants waiting for these positions, especially in Asia but also in the EU and outside the EU countries. These candidates are experienced, good in English or Russian and willing to learn Czech. They are modest in their claims for salary and accommodation.

 We provide foreign workers of the following professions

  • Manual and blue-collar workers - Welders, Scaffolders, Warehouse Operators, Turners, Electricians, Seamstresses, Manufacture and Assembly Line Workers, etc.
  • Drivers - Truck and Bus Drivers (for domestic and international transportation)
  • Call Center Workers
  • Highly qualified positions - Computer Programmers, Graphic Designers, Web Designers, JAVA Developers, CNC Operators, Design Engineers, Quality Engineers, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, etc.

Country of origin

  • Philippines, India, Indonesia
  • Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova

We arrange the following for the employers and their foreign employees:

  • selection of qualified candidates with education and required experience
  • provision of visas and work permits (employee cards or blue cards)
  • exit permits from the home countries
  • immigration and payroll services in the Czech Republic
  • possibility to teach the Czech driving school tests to drivers already during the process of hiring

Hiring of foreign employees has a great number of advantages and benefits

  • occupying the positions by qualified candidates with the required experience
  • solution to a lack of staff
  • increasing the competitiveness of the company
  • acquisition of motivated and flexible workers
  • permanent staff for a minimum of 2 years

Duration of mediation

  • 3-5 months

Contact us by our online order or by phone, we will discuss your requirements with you and we will prepare a personal price offer just for you.