Try new work opportunities.

Gain life experience. Make lasting memories.

Apply with GRAPECARE.

GRAPECARE LTD is a recruitment agency hiring Filipino workers to companies in the Czech Republic.

We hire workers for the following positions:

  • Manual and blue-collar workers 

    • welders

    • scaffolders

    • warehouse operators

    • turners

    • electricians, CNC operators

    • manufacture and assembly line workers, etc.

  • Highly qualified positions 

    • computer programmers

    • graphic designers

    • web designers

    • JAVA developers

We arrange recruitment and visa service for the employers and their foreign employees



of qualified candidates with education and required experience



of visas and work permits (employee cards or blue cards)


Exit permits

from the home countries


Imigration and payroll

services in the Czech Republic



to teach the Czech driving school tests to drivers already during the process of hiring


We take care of everything

we will guide you through the process

Hiring of Philippine employees has a great number of advantages and benefits

  • occupying the positions by qualified candidates with the required experience

  • solution to a lack of staff

  • increasing the competitiveness of the company

  • acquisition of motivated and flexible workers

  • permanent staff for a minimum of 2 years

Duration of mediation is usually 3 to 5 months.

We help companies as well as families

We help companies to grow and families in need to have a better life.

That is our mission and that is why GRAPECARE exists.

Giovanni Moreno Corre is from the Philliphines and works in the Czech Republic as a welder. 
He is a father of five beautiful daughters and every month he sends his salary to his family so that they can afford to study. His oldest daughter studies IT and wants to find a job in the Czech Republic after she finishes school.