About us

We love to be in touch with the whole world and meet inspiring people all around us.
That is why GRAPECARE was founded.

Be careful, each candidate must be interviewed by a member of our team,

otherwise it is not a recruitment through GRAPECARE.

Ing. Jana Míčková Sladká
CEO & Founder

Mgr. Lenka Čerstvá
Business Development Manager

Bc. Magdalena Výmolová
Project Manager & POEA Specialist

Ing. Vita Tymčenko
Coordinator & Recruiter

Bc. Jan Dvořák
Recruitment Specialist

International Recruitment Specialist

Bc. Magdalena Vlasáková
Visa & Work Permit Specialist

Mgr. Michaela Šafářová
Coordinator & Service Manager

Bc. Lucie Kadlecová
HR Assistant